More Electricity Rate Increases? Here’s What You Can Do…

In the coming years, power costs are poised for steep increases. The power companies are unrelenting and load all their expenses on the consumer. If you are sick and tired of all the electricity rake hikes, it’s time that we tried to fend for ourselves & find ways to reduce power bills. Here are some ideas that will stand you in good stead.

  • When you buy an air-conditioner, go for one with the right capacity for the room you intend to cool. For example, if you have only 100 sq feet area to cool, a 0.75 or 1 horse power air-conditioner would be ideal. Going for a 2 ton air-conditioner would not be energy efficient.
  • Also installing an Electric Saver is a great way to make your Air Conditioner energy efficient without the high expense of a complete system overhaul.

This one is a bit extreme, and quite honestly I don’t do it. But if you are truly hard core and able to do it, go for it…

  • Come winter, move up to that part of the house which is warmest. And in summer, move to the coolest part of the house which could be your basement. Those with bi-level bedrooms can save this migration. ONLY the truly hard core do this.


  • In summer, opening the opposite side windows in the morning, will allow for fresh air by cross ventilation. However, make sure to close the windows before the sun starts beating down in all its fury.


  • As a rule of thumb, use your air-conditioner only if the temperature exceeds 80° F or 27° Centigrade. Use fans instead, during this period. Most people who are not aware of these small adjustments to save power would do well to apply this practically in their homes and watch for the results.


  • Fix exhaust fans in your windows to draw the hot air out. And if you want to take advantage of the cooler air outside, use a fan in the window to suck air out from the room. This creates a vacuum and induces the external cool air to enter inside the room. A similar arrangement of a fan in your attic window to draw out the hot air provides satisfactory cooling during summer.


  • Use the coolest part of the day when doing house chores like vacuum cleaning, dusting and the like. Stationary work like washing dishes in summer, are ideal chores in front of a fan. Leave work like baking to the cooler days when the windows are open and the air-conditioner is turned off, so that good power saving could be achieved. Proper planning is very relevant to such activities.


  • Some appliances guzzle power. It is important to know which ones matter when it comes to energy usage and which ones are minimal. You can check the power consumption of the appliances with a clamp tester. Ask your local Electrical store for one.

We hope the suggestions given above help you reduce power bills and save money. To make your appliances and A/C system more energy efficient, check out:

5 tips to save energy

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