Enough is Enough on Rising Power Bills!

Do you ever wonder why your power bill keeps getting higher, yet your house appliances are the same year in, year out? Outrageous power bills are a pain in the *!&, aren’t they? Finding out the cause is the first step to ensuring you manage the electric bills and save more.

understanding high electricity bills


This article outlines the solution to your electricity bill problems with 1 surprising product.  For even more electricity saving ideas, visit this page. Installing the electricity saving box on your home helps in saving on energy. It also helps prevent power surges, as well as protect your home from electricity related accidents. In addition, your home appliances get to function much better and have a longer life serving you.

The conventional way in which power travels from the transformer to the motors in your home has some power loss which you are charged for by your power company whether you are a residential or commercial property. It’s called ENERGY INEFFICIENCY plain and simple.

We are not talking about Power Factor penalties. Residential Customers are NOT billed power factor penalties. Commercial Customers are! What we are talking about is actual loss in your electrical wiring in your home or business. Your are billed for it, but you can’t use it!

A Homeowner benefits by reduced loss in his home, the Commercial Property Owner benefits by not only reducing the loss in his business/factory/building, but also reduces the Power Factor Penalty. So, a homeowner benefits, but business owners REALLY benefit in more ways than one.

The Electric Saver works by recycling otherwise lost energy. By reducing the heat on your motor wires this reduces your electricity bill. In addition, major electric appliances such as the refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioner have inductive motors that promote energy wastage. This is reduced by use of the Electric Saver as it recovers and recycles wasted energy leading to a decrease in electricity bills.

This product is very effective as it is available for both single home motors as well as complex business unit size models for commercial locations. The product can be installed to your business or home indoors our out as the box casing is rainproof. The product has a life expectancy of 25 years. What a great way to save energy and protect your home appliances from power surges and spikes.

This product is easy to install and is maintenance free. This product can be used in businesses, factories, offices, schools and homes in reducing electricity. You can purchase this product anytime online and you will get it delivered with full instructions of use. There is also a 1 YEAR money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose, except high power bills!

Buy Electric Saver 1200 Now!

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