6 Easy & Helpful Energy Saving Tips :)

You might be one of those many people who wonder why their electrical bills are sky high. If you are, then you really should read this article because I will be talking about exactly that and what you can do to change that.

1. Do you turn on all the lights in your room to make it brighter? There is no need for you to turn on the lights specifically designed for couches, chairs, kitchen tables and office spaces if you are not reading or sitting in that location. If you choose to turn on every light in the room, then you will need to prepare yourself for a very high electric bill! Only turn on the lighting you need for the area in which you are using.

2. Do you leave all your lights turned on or forget to turn them off when you leave the room? Believe it or not, this could add another 10% to your energy bill simply by forgetting to switch off the light switches in the home.

3) Ceiling Fans left on constantly? While it is true that fans enable you to change the temperature of a certain room, if you are not expecting someone to enter that room, leave everything off including the fans. This little tip, could save you an additional 3-5% easily.

KVAR Calculation Process

4) Do you change your ceiling blades for optimal efficiency?

There are a lot of ceiling fans which are capable of changing the direction of their blades for optimal efficacy – this is based on the season. If you do not change the direction of your blades based on the season of your place, then your fan could be performing better for you. Be sure to adjust your blades direction, depending on the season.

5) Old Appliances. Another reason your energy consumption is high is perhaps your appliances are too old. If you use older appliances, they consume alot more electricity which adds up on your electric bill. Because newer appliances are more energy efficient, upgrade your appliances into energy efficient ones.

6) Is your Air Conditioning & Heating System operating in tip top shape? If you don’t have the means to upgrade appliances or retrofit a new HVAC system on your property, you are not alone. Another solution is to make your current HVAC system as energy efficient as possible. Check out www.ElectricSaver1200.com for more info on how to do this.

Use These Tips to Stop Wasting Electricity!


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